• Social Media Strategy and Management can be a huge pain in the ass for some.

  • Social Media Strategy and Management can mean making a FB post and calling it good to some.

  • Social Media Strategy and Management can look like a bunch of words and zero graphics or horrible memes pulled from Google for some.

  • Social Media can look like a lot of things for a lot of people, but let's face it, some of us have gifts and passion for this sort of thing and some of us need to just hire someone else to do this job for your Marketing Strategy. 

That's where I come in!

Uncomplicated. Organized. Stylish. I am the leading learner in Social Media Strategy and Management. Social Media is NOT just a post on FB. Social Media is NOT the be-all end-all for your only source of REVENUE. Social Media is a piece to your marketing strategy puzzle.


Social Media is the relationship piece of your Marketing Strategy. Social Media is the courter of the relationship between you and the consumer, followers, loyal brand devotees, etc. Social Media is part of telling your story, creating emotion, engaging with your audience, and being STRATEGIC with the data and analytics of what your follower/customer likes, doesn't like, engages, doesn't engage with, etc. 

How am I different from the rest? I get back to the proven basics along with the updated trends in what makes sense for you. I strategically and passionately focus on what is DOABLE IN EXCELLENCE for your brand, your voice, your story, & your vibe. I have a proven track record with clients of the arrows going up each month with their analytics, followers who are real and stay for the journey, engagement with real people who genuinely like your product/service. I don't chase after the unrealistic notions but instead create and execute a strategy that makes sense for YOU and build on that each quarter.


Social Media is all about RELATIONSHIPS! I am a people person, I am the Creator of Happiness (literally that was my title for a tech firm), I have tested on the HIGH END OF EQ, I am a ENFJ in Myers Briggs, I am equal parts Blue and Orange in the Colors Test, I am off the charts in YELLOW for the DISC assessment. People are my Jam, not only are people my thing, understanding them and having a good read on them and a pretty good perception of them is a natural Superman type gift. 

Please email me for references. I have no problem connecting you with the clients I have worked with and currently work with. 

What do i charge?

what services do i provide?

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