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Texas Fall Outfits 2019

We don't really have a true Fall season in South Texas and it's not as fun to dress up in Fall attire here.

We try, but then we burn up.

What's a Texas gal to do? These are great outfit looks in LIGHTWEIGHT knits and fabrics in order to not look silly in TX and burn up at the same time.

I know we want to wear what all the NYC, SEATTLE, CHICAGO, AND COLORADO gals are wearing but mejita, PERO TE VES TONTA (but you look silly)

Here are some great Texas Fall looks that make sense and still look really cute and stylish. These are for inspo and great for you to create on your own.

Key Things to Remember:

- light knits

- breathable fabrics

- fit and flatter

- booties

- lightweight utility jacket

- fleece doesn't work here except for the 3 days we actually get in the 40's

- lightweight flannel

- as much as you are going to want to wear all those heavy chunk knits and big scarves and such, just don't. On the 3 days where it's applicable, then YES do it baby! Layer on those heavy knits, fleece hats, chucky scarves, down jackets, etc.

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