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WWDMAGIC VEGAS - Top 6 things to know as an attendee

WWDMAGIC is just that ... 100% magical and absolutely lovely. As a first timer that attended the August 2018 session for the Fall/Winter 2018 Trends, I didn't know what to expect but the podcast by THE BOUTIQUE HUB was super helpful. Our team listened to it before attending and we also read the blog post from the same website titled "ATTENDING APPAREL MARKETS: TIPS FROM BOUTIQUE OWNERS". We didn't want to overwhelm our brain and energy with to much WWDMAGIC stuff, and these two resources from The Boutique Hub helped immensely.

For those of you who don't know exactly what WWDMAGIC is, well ... in a nutshell, it's every February and August in Las Vegas. The retail industry convenes together for the United States’ most comprehensive fashion marketplace - MAGIC. You will find the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. From the height of advanced contemporary luxury brands, to the latest trends in fast fashion, MAGIC fuels the business of fashion.


1. A SHIT TON of walking. This is NOT the time as an attendee to wear those mules, wedges, or heels. Truly! This would be the best decision you make before even stepping foot into this event. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES ... I cannot stress this enough. If you haven't done the whole Sneakers Chic Outfit Look before, this would be the time. Here's a few shots of fabulous looks and styles from the event of real women rocking out their sneaker looks. I decided to wear my trusty Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Memory Footbed Sneakers (the black leopard print ones pictured below) and they worked like a charm! Absolute comfort, support, and stylish all at the same time. (I got mine at Nordstrom Rack for $33 during their anniversary sale. Major score)

2. HANDS FREE is the way to be. You will receive a lot of free swag tote bags and such while you are there. (Sidenote - they aren't shitty, they are pretty good and damn cute) I chose to utilize my fanny pack from Sam Moon ($13 win) and I also brought my Matt and Nat Vegan Leather Backpack which ended up not being necessary with the tote bags we received, but we didn't know that we'd be getting such great totes. With all the booklets, marketing papers, free swag, water bottles, snacks, etc. that you will get there, bringing your fave lightweight tote is better than bringing a backpack IMO. You can put all your other free totes inside of your original tote. The tote I am holding in my hand below was my fave one that we received from THML and it held up perfectly! I will be reusing this one over and over again, it was THE PERFECT size for this event, and it was lightweight at the same time. My fanny pack was THE PERFECT decision for me to carry my phone, credit cards, cash, business cards, gum, charger, and hair bands. It made sense for pure ease to get my phone in and out easily for pictures, videoing, etc. You'll need and want your hands free to look through clothes constantly.

3. WHAT TO WEAR? You are attending a style and fashion event, but you will also be walking and walking for hours on end, which means you want to be comfortable and functional but you also want to be really cute all at the same time. Right? I'd say for most of us ... yes. I saw all sorts of outfits that were both super comfy and functional and stylish. As a Style Coach my first question for any event is "Dress Attire". Here's some inspo looks from the event to help with what other women wore to WWDMAGIC.

4. BE ORGANIZED - What do I mean by this? Our team of 3 from Spruced Cooperative made a TOP 10 FAVE VENDOR list of who we order the most from in order to find their vendor booth and stop in and check out the merch, feel, see, try on, and meet the people behind the scenes. We headed to their booths first. We also made sure to have our info, tax i.d. number, etc. already pre-printed on address labels in order to avoid having to stand there every time and fill out paperwork. It's tedious and unproductive to fill out paper work, because the amount of time you take to fill out paper work is time you could be looking at more vendor booths. We chose to NOT have any of our credit card info on any paperwork and said for the vendor to call when it was ready to ship in order to avoid having our credit card money tied up. You do NOT have to pay right then and there, but you do have to abide by their MINIMUM requirement of ordering. Some booths let you take pics of their merch, some don't. We chose to just do it, and if told anything, then we put our phones away. We took pics to remember what to order online if we chose to do so, or to remember who to go back to after we made our rounds, etc.

5. FOOD. DRINK. HYDRATION. DETAILS. You'll need to bring cash or credit for these things. They have a cafeteria available for food and drink, they have little kiosks available for these things, they have food trucks outside too. I highly recommend eating at the cafeteria area. Please note, when you go in there, you go up to the counter, take your food, then walk to the registers located in the middle of the cafeteria to pay for your food. Water is NOT FREE, but bringing in your water bottle to fill up from the fountain is free. We brought protein snacks in our bag which was fine. Alcohol is not sold at this event. BUT Alcohol is given away at some booths and the little 5pm parties that WWDMAGIC has does have alcohol available to purchase. There's a DJ and Party vibe that happens during the event from 5pm and after. COFFEE is plentiful and pretty much everywhere for you to purchase. There is a Starbucks located inside the venue BUT the lines are massive. Below is a the real real real real in the spaces of the vendors! It's quite comical, but ... so true and this is pretty much your life too during the amount of hours and 3 days worth of venturing. No lie. STAY HYDRATED Y'ALL, or you'll get real bitchy.

The curators of WWDMAGIC left no detail untouched. Bottom line, they put effort into the details of every corner of the space, and made you feel special, created a fun vibe, and everything was IG pic worthy!



1. Fantastic event.

2. Great layout.

3. Details were magical.

4. Fabulous vendors.

5. Great flow and the ASK ME team was hands down THE BEST and so HELPFUL!

6. Ordered some super great items and no buyers remorse.


1. Vendors who won't get off your ass and give you some fucking space. (***PSA TO VENDORS*** As a buyer, we need to be able to talk price, product, decisions, etc. without you hovering over our fucking shoulder feeling your hot breath and making our time super unpleasant.) This happened multiple times and it made our team just leave and not order from them and we ordered the same products we were looking at from other vendors who gave us our space. #truth #takenotesvendors #behelpfulbutbackthefuckoff

2. Attendees who don't say "excuse me, sorry" when they hit you with their bags and shit.

3. Seeing women wearing full on 5-6 inch high heels that are attendees. I mean ... come on, seriously? (being real honest here)

4. Having to pay for water. Music festivals offer it for free with just as many people as this event, there has to be free water throughout somehow for the future.


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