• Patty Rankin Style Coach

Spring Style 2018

Spring has sprung and so have the fashion trends. Remember, fashion isn't style, Style is what you make out of fashion. Keep it true to you BUT always incorporate a trend that you genuinely like and keep your style updated.

Here are 3 of my FAVORITE Spring Style Trends!


Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking. (sarcasm) While pastels for spring aren’t necessarily a new trend, this is a good time to start incorporating those fresh, light colors like lavender or dusty rose. Plus, lavender is Pantone’s color of the year. Whether pink, lilac, mint, lemon, duck egg blue, sherbet orange, etc. It's so fresh and pretty looking. I like to keep these colors pretty simple and modern looking and less "easterish". Think clean lines and some structure.


While I still love fringe and tassel statement earrings (still on trend) ... I am really loving the new geometric earrings. It's a new take on a statement earring and I love how clean and bold they are.


While it's probably true that you can't buy that French je ne sais quoi, you can do the next best thing and start wearing gingham. The pretty, preppy fabric is taking over in fashion right now. Florals are still in, but ... I am getting sorta tired of them, the trend kind of gets old. Besides being a fresh alternative to florals, gingham has clear appeal. The check is as classic as polka dots or stripes. A really cool, updated way to wear gingham is in color. Forget the traditional black and white combo, and opt for something in pastel pink or vibrant red. If you aren’t quite ready to make the full on jump into a gingham ensemble, you can incorporate a subtle touch with gingham accessories and shoes and purses.

Whatever trends you end up liking or not liking for Spring 2018, keep your look updated, polished, and stylish. Be true to you and own your style with confidence ... BUT please make sure you focus on fit and flatter vs size and number!

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