• Style Coach Patty Rankin

Welcome to 2018 - Style Thought

I get asked often ... "How do I know what my STYLE is?"

The answer I give ... "You typically don't ... but you can. Use the resources on the internet (or as Vince Vaughn says in Interns "on the line") Did you know that there are a variety of GENERAL labels of style? When you can pinpoint your top 2-3 style labels, then you are able to focus in on what to buy for yourself and refine and define your style based on the season of life you are in currently. Your style evolves. It's 100% OKAY for it change every season, chapter of life, etc. I typically categorize each of my clients into 2-3 styles and then give them a general perspective and insight into what all of that means and how to wear their current wardrobe which typically is filled with said categories.

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