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Fall 2017 Forecast for The Everyday Woman

How do you translate what you see on the runway for the Fall 2017 season in your everyday non-runway life? How does a mom who goes from being in a school pick up and drop off line, Target errands, PTA meeting, Lunch with friends, Dinner prep, Church function, Event function, Business function, etc. wear an outfit that suits ALL of the above for one day? How does a mom who works full time out of the home go from work, to errands, to meetings, to happy hour, to dinner prep, to lunch, to another meeting, to a soccer game, to a last minute Target run, etc. wear an outfit that suits ALL of the above for one day?

As an everyday real life functioning woman we sure as hell are not going to wear this ...

As lovely, artistic, and beautiful the above Fall 2017 Trends are from the runway this year ... how does this translate to the everyday woman?

This is where I come in ... I love fashion and style as much as the other image consultants out there but I love translating it to the everyday woman who has a baby spitting up on her, or is running a meeting in the office and has to go make dinner after work, etc.

Most of my clientele lives in Oklahoma and Texas, which means we aren't really wearing what is popular in Milan or Paris, or even NYC for that matter. BUT that doesn't mean every woman doesn't have an urge or itch to update her style every season and incorporate the trends that she likes and makes sense for her lifestyle.

I DO NOT think you have to conform to EVERY trend! Pick a few that you like and make it work for YOU, not what you see in magazines. Pick a few looks or items that make you happy and keep you true to your inner style. I always advise and encourage my clients to stay true to their style but keep it updated and polished every season.

Fall Trends for 2017:


The above colors will be the most popular for the season.


These are just a few examples, but bottom line ... florals, block heels, mules, slides, low booties, OVER THE KNEE booties, combat boots, metallic, velvet, and suede are a DO. Make it work for you. Create a version of what works for you. Adapt a look for your style.


Staples to have in your Fall jacket arsenal. Look for bell sleeve details, ruffle details, patch work or embroidery, clean lines, classics with a twist this year. The basics are always a DO but this year it'll be about jackets with that extra little oomph in a small way. Don't be shy about it, and there are so many DIY jacket ideas you can for sure pull off. I like going into places like Clothes Mentor, Daisy Exchange, and Thrift Stores and look for under $15 jackets that I can DIY. It's worth it, because sometimes I don't want to spend $80-$300 for a trend that is fun and then will be gone within a year.

Bell Sleeve Tees and Blouses and Dresses:

I hear this statement quite a bit from my clients, "I like the whole bell sleeve concept but I feel like I have on a costume if I wear it." Here's the thing, it's fun. Simple as that. Don't overthink it and when in doubt ... keep it simple. Buy a cotton tee shirt with a small bell sleeve and you are set. I am more of a "the bigger the better!" kinda chic and I like a lot of volume/pouf. You won't be able to get away from this look and it'll be all over the place, embrace it and have fun with it.

There are so many more looks, but remember this ...

- Update your shoes and jeans if you do nothing else

- Incorporate all the patterned and detailed trends in small ways if you aren't willing to do it in a big way

- FIT and FLATTER over Size and Number


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