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Suzy hired me a couple of years ago to get her packed and style ready for a trip to NYC for her 50th Birthday! I arrived, she was giddy but nervous, and she was in a style rut.

She loves fun, festive, and functional in her style BUT ... there's always a but. She had the question hanging over her head "Is this age appropriate for me?"

Yes, she was turning 50 but she sure as hell didn't feel that way inside.

The questions at hand when I was in her closet ... "how could she translate her style into how she really feels inside without portraying a woman who's 19?"

This was a very simple fix for me and I was able to 100% get her into her style definition and she felt free!

Enjoy her blog post series about it!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

While you are at, give her blog FOREVER 51 a follow ... it's superb.

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