• Patty Rankin Style Coach

3 Tips To Beat The Summer-Time Blues

Sunshine, rooftop parties, bbq's, pool side lounging, lake fun, sitting on a patio with a cold drink! There are perks to it being Summer, but dressing for the Summer season is tricky depending on your lifestyle. Let's agree that we all are concerned about sweat, not looking slutty, and keeping ourselves comfortable and functional while looking stylish all at the same time. This is what I call my personal Summer-Time Blues. We all love a 3 tip list to help our style lives, it's one of those "Just tell me what to do so I don't have to think" situations.

1. Wear The Right Kind Of Bra

Seriously! When you have on a racer-back tank top, your bra straps that hang out on the sides don't look cute, I don't care how skinny you are, or how toned your arms are, just buy the dang racer-back bra or bralette. It looks polished and as if you care. Do NOT think you can wear your uni-boob racer-back sports bra that you exercise in, no ma'am, just stop and spend the $10 at Target for a racer-back simple bra. I'm serious. Also, when an outfit calls for a strapless, where a strapless, you will feel better, look better, and everything will flow. Yes, you will need to try on a few to get the right fit for the girls to be supported, so just make the time to do it. If your boobs are just so full of volume that you shouldn't be wearing clothing that calls for a strapless look, then just don't do it. You won't feel good and that always sucks on top of being hot in the heat.

2. Fabrics

Pay attention to the fabrics you are wearing and how they feel, fit, and function. If you know that you sweat a lot, it's best not to wear things that show your sweat stains. If you know you get bloated pretty easily because of salt and water retention mixed with sweating, then don't wear conforming fabrics that will make you look big, when you aren't. If you know that you will be in and out of the sun and you have on sheer fabrics, and we can all see your hoo-ha and your butt crack ... sheer stuff is probably not the best choice. (Extra Tip: Hold your dress up in front of a window that has the sun shining through and put your hand underneath it between the two pieces of fabric, and if you can see your hand ... well my darling that means we can see your honey pot. Not attractive) You want for the fabrics you wear to be functional for the Summer heat and stylish at the same time. No fuss, no fretting, no fashion mishaps.

3. Summer Uniform

I'm a big advocate on picking a summer uniform every year. I pick a "look" that I am going to wear day in and day out so that I don't have to think about it for the season. I have one look for work and one look for outside of work. This year, I am all about a denim vest, straw hat, and t-shirt dresses paired with wedge slides or low booties. Cowboy boots and cut off shorts paired with tank tops and tee shirts. Muscle tank tops paired with a LulaRoe Cassie skirt and high heels or platform heels. I don't have to think about it, I just throw on any of those pieces, knowing that they will rotate out over and over again and I am good to go with staying cool in the hot weather and not fretting about what to wear. Decide what works best for you and your lifestyle and stick to it for the Summer, and get inspired by "looks" on Pinterest by literally typing in the search bar "Summer Oufits".

Let's face it, it's hot and it's going to stay hot, but you don't have to look like you are a sweaty hot mess. Stay inspired. Stay focused. Stay stylish.

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