• Patty Rankin - Style Coach

She Let Me Refunk Her Junk

I just about peed my pants when Allison Griffith contacted me to Style Coach her!

I thought, "What in the world? She's going to let me Refunk Her Junk! Oh my word!"

I replied with a hearty "YES!" actually, I said, "Hell Yes!" in my head, okay ... maybe outloud! I mean, when the amazing Alli says she wants you to come into her closet and refunk her, you can't help but be giddy!

I am very grateful for the opportunity and she blessed my socks off! I mean the girl speaks my language with gifts and wine, and her dog is ridiculousy cute and sweet! All of my fave things in one day, dogs, wine, style, and gifts!

I have been asked, "Is she really cool in person?" Yes! The answer is Yes! She is a girls girl, she is witty and sarcastic and genuine! I may need to replace her bag of goldfish that I took out of her cupboard though!

Why did Allison hire me?

Here's your answer!

(Photo Courtesy of Allison Griffith)

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