• Margaret Murray

Splendiferous Feelings

I received a message from a photographer and she wanted to know if we could exchange services. New pics for me, and a style coach session for her. She said I could check out her work before deciding if I wanted to do this. I went to her website and I messaged her back and said, "Yes! I would love to trade out services." We had a few more exchanges, and they were all lovely and thorough in communication.

I was able to meet Margaret Murray, owner and photographer of Splendiferous Photography by chance. I hosted an event in my home and she was a guest of someone else that I had invited. She has an infectious smile and a positive vibe. We immediately clicked and hugged and it made me even more excited about our upcmoing photo shoot. I told her I wanted my shoot to be "fun and festive", and she delivered. She played 80's dance music for me, ummmmm ... Yes Please and Thank You!

Here is her blog post about the whole experience, some shots from the photo shoot, and her information. She was a delight to work with and I loved the final product from my session. All the new pictures on my website are from this shoot, hope you like the new updates.


PR - The OKC Style Coach

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