• Patty Rankin - The OKC Style Coach

Are You A Hopeless Styling Case?

I met a woman at a business coffee meeting and she asked what I did for a living, I responded with, "I am a Style Coach." and like clock work, I get an eyebrow raise and then a cock of the head and a small smile and I am asked, " A Style Coach? What exactly do you do, it sounds interesting?" I then proceed to tell the person my little scphill and most people get really excited and say, "Wow! I need something like that." Well ... this situation was a little different. The woman responded with an eye roll and then in a very serious tone said "I am a hopeless case. You would have nothing to work with. I think we are done talking now." and she walked away. I smiled to myself and thought, "You are the exact person who would need a professional style coach like me. You also need a little hug and some encouragement." It's okay though, I will see her at more business coffee meetings and I'll work my magic on her. (insert villian laugh, but in a loving tone)

That statement got me thinking ... There are NO hopeless cases unless you want to be a hopeless case. We all have gifts, and I just so happen to have a gift for seeing wardrobe items and piecing them together to fit a person's style goals, keeping them true to who they are, and encouraging them to explore some style options that they can pull off but didn't think they could wear.

It's a funny thing when someone thinks they are a hopeless case when it comes to style. I will say this again, there aren't any hopeless cases unless you CHOOSE to be one. I have worked with SAHM's all the way to CEO's of big corporations and EVERYONE can develop style. I just so happen to coach people through that and sometimes that is what people need.

We need plumbers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, chefs, musicians, etc. We are all a specialist at something. I know for sure I appreciate a great barista, manicurist, preacher, chef, fitness trainer, veterinarian, etc. We all have gifts, and that's why in my line of work, no one is a hopeless case.

To the woman at the business coffee meeting, look honey ... you have a gift for insurance and I have a gift for style ... I can coach you through that and you need it, just like I need help in a lot of other areas of my life that I am not a specialist at. To the women who think they "just don't have style" and "there's nothing you could possibly do for me because I don't have cute things in my closet", you are wrong! A specialist is a specialist for a reason, but you can choose to be a hopeless case even though you aren't. (real truth talk right there)

Why do you think you hire a mechanic? Because you know you need your car fixed and you can't do it. Same thing, you know you need some help with your style by refining and defining it, you can hire someone for that. (cough*ME*cough)

Bottom line, no one is a hopeless case, you are only hopeless if you choose to be. Mindset change needs to be activated now. Stay focused, inspired and stylish!



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