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Thanksgiving Outfit Looks

Not sure what to wear for Thanksgiving? Dressing for Thanksgiving can be tricky, even if jeans are A-Ok for your family event, it's the holidays and we sometimes want to dress a little nicer than normal. But ... there's also the wine and food induced bloat that happens 30 minutes after we've eaten and what looked great when we arrived now looks like we have a food baby in our stomachs. Not cute! Here are some Thanksgiving looks that will keep you stylish and looking fabulous even after you have had your 3rd plate of pie, and 4th glass of wine.

Outfit #1 - Pretty in Plaid

What makes this outfit work is the jewlery, shoes, and hair. Focus on keeping your shoes girly and fancy for that little pop. Keep your jewelry as bold and sparkley as possible in order to elevate your super casual outfit to the level of being festive, it is holiday season for pete's sake. It's absolutely key for you to style your hair with this outfit. Girlfriend ... go get a blo-out or take the time to fix your hair. It'll make this whole outfit! After you have eaten all that turkey and gravy, you will still look good in this outfit because your button down plaid shirt is your "food baby pouch" armor.

Oufit #2: Tough in Tulle

Swap out your jeans for a tulle skirt and be festive. Any size and height woman can wear this style of skirt. Be sure to tuck in your shirt and add a vest. The vest hides EVERYTHING and creates a slim line down the middle of your body to the natural eye. If you do not like how a tucked in shirt feels or looks, then you need to tie it in the front with a knot. This outfit is simply lovely. The elastic waistband will be your saving grace with all the food that you will consume! What makes this outfit is the simplicity of dressing it down and keeping your hair polished.

Oufit #3: Leopard in Love

We all have that one simple solid color dress that is basic. Utilize it! Add items to it and you have an effortless complete outfit that pictures well, looks great on you, and takes literally less than 10 minutes to put together. Add a messy high bun or messy side bun, and put on some dark or bold lipstick! You're done and look Thanksgiving ready! Keep it fun and simple with this look! Make your shoes and scarf the show piece and don't worry about the rest!

I hope these looks inspired you, remember ... not too casual, not too fussy, just right for Thanksgiving! Look in your closet for a version of these outfits and make it work, your clothes have potential, just stop for a minute and be inspired, focus, and then style it.

Happy Thanksgiving you Gorgeous Gals!

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