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Camouflage - It's not just for dudes.

Camo print isn't just for dudes, it is one of those prints that can be styled very girly, chic, and modern. Adding a camo print into your wardrobe can add a little toughness to the soft girly items of clothing that you own and contrasting those two styles works really well and looks fabulous. Here are 3 ways to wear camo, may it inspire you and encourage you to try it.

1. Camouflage Top

Adding a camo blouse to your favorite pair of jeans and polished modern heels with a nice structured purse keeps this look with camo soft and girly, with a touch of toughness. I love how she mixed burgundy with the camo print, it makes everything pop. She kept it simple, modern, and functional. You can make this look work with a cotton t-shirt that is camo print, jeans, chucks or leopard flats, and a nice purse.

2. Camouflauge Pants

Camo pants sometimes makes women nervous, simply because it's a print they are wearing on the lower half of their bodies. I assure you that Camo is flattering when the fit is on point. Try on a few different camo prints because they vary. Try on a few different fabrics of camo prints in order to find the right fit for your body type. Pairing camo pants with something simple works best, because your camo print is your showcase piece. On the other hand though, mixing your camo print with other prints also works well when you are feeling daring. Mixing stripes, leopard, polka dots, and plaid with camo looks beautiful when styled in a polished and modern way. The simpler the better with mixing other prints with camo.

3. Camouflage In Doses

Incorporating camo through shoes, scarves, or a jacket is a great way to get started if #1 and #2 make you a little nervous. Work your way into adding camo tops, camo pants, and even *gasp* camo dresses or skirts. This print is effortless and lovely. Happy Camo-tastic Outfit Styling!

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