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Simple doesn't have to mean Boring

Simple in style does not mean boring. In fact, simple in style is modern, chic, polished, and classic. Adding just the "right" detail makes all the difference in a "simply" styled outfit. Here are a few examples of how to turn something very simple into something "simply stylish."

She has on a simple striped tee and jeans, but with the vest, structured purse, and tennis shoes that are stylish and not the ones she wears to the gym make this simply stylish. She didn't give up style for comfort! Little details!

The detail at the bottom of her white top paired with leopard flat slide ons makes this entire outfit simply stylish. She didn't compromise style in exchange for comfort, she put the best of both worlds together. This would be a basic white tee and jeans kinda outfit, but those small details make this entire outfit stylish. A little effort and thought makes a world of difference.

This oufit is so simple, but the detail in the heel and the structure of the purse is what makes this ENTIRE outfit simply stylish instead of boring. Everyting about this outfit is modern, clean, and stylish because of the heel that is paired with it.

Basic black skirt, basic white button down - Simple! Adding the blue heel and yellow purse make it simply stylish, again ... the details. They don't always have to be loud, subtle details that can make or break an outfit from simply boring to simply stylish.

ONE item makes this ENTIRE outfit! The leopard print heel. This would also work really well with a pair of leopard flats, boots, or wedges. When you keep it simple, always make sure it's tailored, clean, and modern. These torn jeans have just the right amount of tear, the tee is very simple and tailored, the blazer is comfortable and fitted just enough.

Every single one of these outfits are simple, but have an element added to them that make the look simply stylish. A pair of yellow lensed sunglasses and a clean black boot, colored skinnies and a nice tailored op, a girly maxi skirt mixed with combat boots, a blazer with a pop of tiffany blue, a houndstooth printed purse, etc. They are all simply stylish and don't give off the boring vibe.

What makes this work? The shoes and the earrings! Effortless, but impactful! Shy away from frumpy by adding a wedge, and stud earrings that sparkle and keep the rest comfy within reason. I can vouch for these TOMS boot wedges, they are ridiculously comfortable. If you are a mom-on-the-go, a woman who's on her feet all the time, this wedge boot from TOMS is seriously comfortable, worth the investment and I've literally worn these running an event on my feet for a full 10 hours and my feet didn't hurt, nor did I need to take them off. They are not a super high wedge, anyone can walk in them.

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