• Patty Rankin - Style Coach

Fashion vs. Style

A lot of women tend to get fashion and style mixed up. It's very easy to mix up the two and think they are one in the same. This isn't the case. Fashion is what you buy, Style is how you wear it. We can all buy the exact same thing, but how we style it is what makes all the difference and seperates those who look chic and those who look frumpy. Let's be honest about this, the same two women can buy the same t-shirt, skinnies, and shoes at Target and one of them can look frumpy and the other very stylish.

Here are some examples of what fashion vs. style means:

It's in the smallest of details that take just a few minutes of effort and thoughtfulness. You have a huge resource called Pinterest to guide you in how to wear something you own in a stylish way. I coach my clients on how to utilize pinterest. You literally type into the search bar "Black skinnies outfit", "Grey dress outfit ideas", "Red shirt work outfit ideas". The skies the limit in how inspired you will get with things that you already own and didn't even realize had so much potential in your own closet. It's a lovely thing when you bring yourself out of the fashion rut and into the style utopia.

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