Client Testimonials 

Sometimes you aren't sure whether or not the investment in yourself is worth it. Here are first hand experiences from EVERYDAY women just like you that I have Style Coached. Their testimonials speak volumes, but like LeVar Burton used to say, "But you don't have to take my word for it." 



I hired a Style Coach (aka a style consultant or stylist) and it is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I can’t wait to share with you all I learned. #lifechanging  She made me feel so comfortable and non-judgemental about the whole process. Read about my experience here! 

Allison G. - Refunk My Junk CEO - Edmond, OK


Let me just tell you my initial thoughts before have a style coaching session... I consider myself pretty fasionable.  So before Patty came, I figured she would put together outfits that I already wore maybe throw a surprise or two in there.  Well ya'll she gave me 30 surprises. Read about my experience here! 

Margaret M. - Splendiferous Photography CEO - Edmond, OK 

Patty is awesome! She organized my closet and made it functional. She put the cutest outfits together with the clothes I had. Patty takes pictures of the outfits, so I look at them and put them on and walk out the door! Her service changed my life!!! She is kind and professional and I highly recommend her!!

Ronna B. - Hairstylist

Patty is crazy awesome!!! Not only has she styled my existing wardrobe and made several new outfits that I had never thought to put together- she kept it real and told me what I needed to "let go". She is super professional, extremely real and will push you to get outside of your comfort zone. Over the past few months she has done virtual styling for me, for several business and personal trips and I will tell you a few of the items she picked I would have NEVER picked for myself but are now are some of my very favorite pieces. If you are looking for someone to help you get out of a rut, someone to help you with upcoming events or just someone to help you find clothes and looks that are right for your style and body shape, Patty is your girl. She is simply amazing and I can't wait until she is in OKC again so I can have her shop with me to find new fall looks!!!!

Cori M. - Sr. Director Cox Communications

Patty was amazing she helped me find a style that was edgy and super professional looking. Love it so much!!

Shaniee G. - Owner Sower and Associates

Patty is amazing!!! She has such a passion for styling her clients, but it's much more than just picking out the latest trends. She lets you know the style that's true to you based on the clothes already in your closet and helps you expand on that by putting together those pieces you own to create perfect outfits. She is very down to earth and real, yet bubbly and so much fun to work with. She truly cares about her clients! I have a renewed confidence in myself after working with Patty.

Chelsei R. - Beauty Consultant Mary Kay

Patty’s style sessions were great!! She came to my home and did one for me and my daughter! She put stuff together that I would have never thought to do! (I’m not good at that stuff!) she also gave my daughter some really good tips on styling, which is sometimes hard for her!

Carla O. - Admin. Assistant

I can describe my experience in one word (actually two) with Patty:  Eye opening.  Why you ask?  Surely there are more words that can describe this amazing woman.  Yes, there are, but for me, the biggest impact she made on me is to totally change my view of my wardrobe. I started with a fairly complete and diverse wardrobe... so I thought, "I'm sure some of the outfits she will put together I have ALREADY thought of!" (while I patted myself on the back and blew kisses). SOOOOOOO totally wrong. She was able to see what I look at everyday with a fresh set of eyes.  Patty literally reinvented not only my closet, but the way I look at clothes.  Now I can be free to PLAY with my look, and not worry about if it's age appropriate.  She seriously helped me let my rocker glam chick (yes I said chick) out, evidenced by the camo skinny jeans and the suede fringe shorts I just purchased!

I pride myself on being a fashion connoisseur, a product expert, and a fashionista... Patty is all of that and more... So I guess I have to admit, more than two words are what I need to describe this fabulous, fun, sparkly woman. Read my blog post about her that I wrote here!

Suzy G. - M.S.Program Manager Healthy Families Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, OK


How excited I was to find out Patty was coming to Texas!  I immediately reached out to her to see if she could fit me in, because I lived in between her stops.  I was so excited when she said yes!  I tend to wear the same outfits, so I wanted her to shake it up.  She shook the life back into my closet.  I now have outfits I would have NEVER put together!  I'm looking at my clothes in new way.  She taught me some great shopping tips to get the most out of my purchases.  I'm a plus sized chica, and she made me feel so confident.  Now I'm having fun picking out my clothes each day!  Thank you Patty, you are a rock star!  See you on your next Texas trip, so you can get me ready for the next season.

Shannon M. - EH&S Manager - Temple, TX


My mom first told me that this lady was going to be coming to our house to put outfits together from my closet. I was not exactly sure what I was getting into, but I am so grateful that I agreed to let Patty create awesome outfits in my closet! I am 17 and about to leave for college, so I really wanted easy outfits just to throw on, yet still look put together and cute. She completely blew me away with the outfits she put together! I love going into my closet every morning, picking an item of clothing out, and asking myself "Now what would Patty pair this with?" She taught me a totally different way to think about my clothes and this really helped me to see the potential in my clothes. The outfits she picked make me feel so confident and I do have those moments when I tell myself "Dang Girl! You are rocking that outfit today!" This is all because of the way she taught me to look at my clothes so that I could wear them the best way. Can't wait for you to come back and get me some outfits ready for next season!

Revyn M. - CEO of Ivory Bell Floral - Temple, TX


I booked a session with Patty as the birth of my third child quickly approached. I hadn't put much thought into my personal style since having my first child five years earlier and I knew that I needed help to break out of my rut and embrace my style in my current season of life. Patty created so many amazing new Spring/Summer looks for me with the things I had already and made some great suggestions for key pieces that would really enhance my wardrobe. I felt so comfortable and inspired by the process that I can't wait to have her back again to get styled for Fall/Winter!!

Laura R. - Stay-At-Home Mom & Freelance Writer - San Antonio, TX


Having Patty come over and help not only created outfits out of my own closet that I never would have thought about putting together, but it also got me excited again about my style!  When I was talking to my best friend and telling her what Patty said my style was, she totally agreed and said that Patty hit it right on! Having a stylist come over is such a great treat for yourself, and totally worth it, even if you think that she would never be able to find something in your closet....she will.....and you will love it!!!

Melissa C. - Realtor - Moore OK

It is so must fun to have Patty take your existing clothes and make new outfits exclusively for your style. I love learning how to mix and match stripes, solids, and plaids. I feel much more confident with my style and enjoy putting together outfits with what Patty taught me. Also, love that she will answer questions and advise long after the initial session. Looking forward to her helping me with a spring/summer wardrobe.

Bobette S. - "Just for You" Decorating  - El Reno, OK


Working with Patty Rankin Style Coach is now at the top of my “MUST DO” list for my family and friends!  After my own personal experience with her, I hired her to help with my daughter’s wardrobe and now my husband is asking for Patty to come “work her magic” in his closet! Not only did I receive her services for the day, but she continues to communicate with me every time she finds an outfit or item of clothing that she thinks I would like! (and she includes where I need to go to find it!)  She has an amazing gift and I am grateful that she is sharing it with others!

Staci W. - Dental Hygenist - Luther, OK


Patty has a gift for helping you determine and execute your signature style.  She showed me how a few quality key pieces could transform my whole closet.  After my session with her, I was actually EXCITED to get dressed in something other than yoga pants and sneakers! Patty is awesome. Simply awesome. She walks into your closet and curates outfits you love, but couldn’t see on your own, with things you already own. Shopping sessions are the best as she pulls things that look good on your body (even if they don’t look great on the hanger) and encourages you to step into your true style in a completely honest, no judgement way. Patty is the ultimate expert when it comes to making you feel good in clothes that work for your unique personality and lifestyle and I leave every session feeling more confident than I felt going in.

Lindsey D. - Blogger & Digital Specialist - Oklahoma City, OK


The BEST gift you could give anyone is a session with Patty!  She helped me put together outfits for a trip to Hawaii, which made my packing super simple!  She also taught me how to think differently when I shop for clothes and how to wear my own clothes in a brand new way!  I have gone to the style lookbook link she provided for me numerous times to be reminded of how to put outfits together!  I highly recommend Patty to anyone who needs to update their look with clothes that are already in their closet!  I want to have her come to my closet at the beginning of every season! I love you Patty!

Cecilia S. - Arbonne ENVP - Oklahoma City, OK


Walking into my closet after Patty’s visit my instant reaction was  “Oh my, are these really my clothes?” Patty created more than ten new outfits which were all fun and versatile while still keeping my personality in check.  I have been way too comfortable in black and neutral tones, suddenly there were splashes of color and pattern throughout. She has a great way of “individualizing” new creations just for you. Her cute personality, creativity, and professionalism combine for an amazing experience! Thank you, Patty!

Janet H. -  Enrollment Coordinator - Edmond, OK


For Christmas my children gave me a style session with Patty.  BEST PRESENT EVER!  They are wondering how they could possibly top it next year!  Patty took some classic pieces from my closet and gave them new life.  I feel like I have so many new outfits without purchasing anything!  I love that I can view my style session pictures anytime I need to be refreshed on my fashion possibilities.  Wonderful experience!

Vicki D. - Accountant - Calumet, OK


Patty did wonders for my overall look. I was stuck in a rut with my clothes and she worked her magic and recreated new outfits without me having to buy a single thing. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family for an updated stylish look. 
Danna K. - MS, RD/LD - Edmond, OK


Mark Twain said it best - "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no impact on society." In one hour, Patty created 15 outfits that impact every aspect of my life, from day to night and work to play. She taught me about what looks good on my body and gave me tips on the few items I really need to complete my custom-styled look. I can't believe all those amazing outfits were hiding in my own closet! My only regret is I can't wear more than one outfit at a time. Having my wardrobe styled by Patty was like getting 20 new, complete outfits for less than the price of two pieces of clothing! I used to spend hours in my closet frustrated because I had nothing to wear. I still spend a lot of time in my closet but that's just because I have too many awesome outfits to choose from - I know which problem I would rather have. Who knew I had so many great outfits hiding in my own closet!  Patty did. And the best part is I get to take credit for her fashion genius! I get compliments on my outfits everywhere I go. First I thank them, then I thank Patty! 

Malori F. - Attorney - Oklahoma City, OK


One night I was chatting with a good friend of mine and I said, "I need a stylist." And she exclaimed, "You need Patty!" And with that simple statement my closet got a million times better. I was very nervous leading up to my appointment. Having someone come in and look at your personal items can be a little nerve wracking. She instantly made me feel comfortable.  When she was done styling my closet, she shared with me what she had put together and EVEN complimented my closet. Patty was easy to access and quick to respond throughout the process and beyond. I used to only buy what was already on the manikin and now shop with a purpose and able to buy for my body, style, and closet. That was all made possible by Patty. I can't wait until she comes again!! 

Sierra S. - Realtor - Oklahoma City, OK


Having Patty come over and go through my closet was so fun, she’s super friendly and got right to work!  She put together items I wouldn’t have thought to wear at the same time and I had ready to go outfits I didn’t have to think about!  Loved it!

Maggie E. - Realtor - Oklahoma City, OK


I loved having Patty as a personal stylist. She is "real" and recognizes women and their differences- appreciating them and working with your individual style. Not trying to make you something you aren't. She took time to really notice little things about me and made sure to pull those into my wardrobe helping me feel even more comfortable. I just knew she wouldn't be able to find enough in my closet to style - but man, she IS good!

Jennifer R. - Program Director - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 


Patty is the best!  She can walk into my closet and create so many new outfits that I would never put together myself.  When she is finished, I have a new wardrobe to choose from without having to purchase a single new item of clothing.  Not only is she gifted, she's professional and fun. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer B. - O.D. - Edmond, OK 


If you get a chance to work with Patty YOU SHOULD!!  She will not only change how you look at your own closet but will open up a world of new possibilities to create your own personal style.  She’s professional, classy and woozing with creative ideas.  I’m thrilled with the outcome of my experience and can’t wait to work with her each season to update my wardrobe.

Shannon P. - Executive Director - Edmond, OK


Patty is really amazing at styling!  Not only did she help me throw together a few outfits for a work conference she made sure to go over a few 'basics' that I could use in my every day wardrobe!  I would highly recommend Patty to anyone!" 

Tracy M. - Direct Sales Rep - Edmond, OK


I absolutely LOVED working with Patty!  My entire closet was filled with black shoes, black pants, and blouses.  She really helped me spiff up my style and wardrobe by simply shifting my focus to adding a POP of color with jewelry, cute shoes, and an awesome blazer!  Thank you Patty!

Krista P. - Account Executive - Edmond, OK


Working with Style Coach Patty Rankin was a fun experience and changed the way I look at my clothes and personal style. Patty spent a couple of hours with me shopping. She was professional and efficient. She listened to my preferences but encouraged me to try things I would never try if I were shopping alone. She freshened my look and increased my style confidence. I look forward to working with her again!

Kathleen P. - Senior Design and Management Specialist - Oklahoma City, OK


Patty has been incredible in helping me gain confidence in my own personal style and choices. She helped me learn how to wear pieces that I already own and to identify staple pieces I still needed. She helped me understand what works best for my body type and what to highlight or avoid. I highly recommend Patty's services and can't wait for our next consultation!

Lindsay H. - Recruitment Manager - Edmond, OK


Patty is a wonderful style coach! I am not one that enjoys shopping or has an eye for style so I was very eager to have Patty help me. She blew me away by how many outfits she created from my very own closet that I had never put together before. I was so excited to wear my new outfits and I felt so confident. I also really appreciated how much Patty listened to what I like and created outfits to fit all the hats I wear as a women. She is very talented and you will be so pleased!

Kathryn T. - West Coast Client Relations Sales Manager - Los Angeles, CA


I was so excited when my mom bought me a style coach session with Patty. One of my biggest struggles was figuring out how to put outfits together with the items that I had no idea what to do with, and Patty really helped me with that. She taught me that solid colors can also be used as neutrals, and also that different shades of one color actually can go together. Even though I learned so many other tips, both of these  really did help me use the clothes in my closet in unique and fun ways. Thanks for all your help Patty!

Michaela J. - Student - Oklahoma City, OK 


Working with Patty Rankin was like having a dream come true!   She went in my closet and created great outfits that I would have never put together.  She also gave me great suggestions on things I needed to add to my wardrobe.  I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.  She is a wonderful Style Coach!  Thanks Patty!!!
Patty T. - Finance Manager - Oklahoma City, OK


Patty is a rockstar! She puts things together that most women would never think of but should! My favorite part is the color coding of the closet-it makes life way easier! She's got skills and you would be crazy not to utilize them at one point or another! 

Caitlin P. - Corporate Event and Outreach Director - Edmond, OK


I had the best time working with Patty to create a “new” wardrobe and I LOVE my new fall looks! I keep my wardrobe pics on my phone as an easy reference and look at the styles daily for reference! I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on my “new” clothes! And it was all in my closet to start with. Not only do I have over 30 new outfits, Patty opened my eyes and I am now creating new outfits on my own using the tips she gave me. I would highly recommend having Patty style you every season. I can’t wait to see what she does for my winter wardrobe!!!

Lauren B. - CEO New View Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, OK


Booking a style session with Patty is one thing you will not regret! She has such a gift and I am more than pleased with the outfits she created for me. I felt like I had some great pieces in my closet (some that I've only worn a few times in the past year) but just didn't know the possibility of so many different combinations. Patty was able to show me how to wear several key pieces in multiple ways for several occasions. She was so great to work with and I encourage you to book her NOW! 

Julie R. - OKC Photographer - Edmond, OK

















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