About me

Why Style Coach?

My style passion for the everyday woman along with my natural open approach to encourage and guide women in their season of life with their digital presence, motivation in life, and image with their clothing is what led me to Style Coaching. 

I've professionally Style Coached for over 12 years, and my mission is to energize, bring focus, coach, and inspire the EVERYDAY woman.


I guide the EVERYDAY woman in learning about what "style" works best in their season of life and connect with who they are today.

I'm driven by teaching women to appreciate the pleasure of how to curate their digital online presence, living life with proactive authenticity, and looking/feeling great in their wardrobe.

Who Am I other than a Style Coach:

I am a Texas girl through and through. I grew up in Euless, San Antonio, and lived in Austin for a good part of my life. I also lived in OKC for 15 years and grew to love the state of Oklahoma. I reside in San Antonio, TX and it's good to be home. 

I tend to live in a house of "Yes!" when it comes to travel and food adventures. 

I'm a high functioning extrovert with introvert tendencies. Personality assessments excite me. I am equal parts Blue and Orange in colors, 100% ENFJ  (The Protagonist) in Myers Briggs, a true Enneagram 2w3, and I am a REBEL from Gretchin Rubin's 4 Tendencies. 


My life motto is a quote by Emerson, "Be silly. Be honest. Be kind."



8 Fun Facts About Me:


  1. ​I do not like talking before 10am, coffee first, a hug, then talk to me later.

  2. The smell of book pages makes me happy.

  3. Fall is my absolute favorite season, to the point that I'm giddy like a kid. 

  4. I once had a full head of hot pink hair, and I loved it. 

  5. Pretty In Pink is my all time favorite movie and I pretty much know each line by heart.

  6. I've always wanted to be a roller derby girl and my name would be Meany Mouse.

  7. Matthew McConaughey is my celebrity man crush, has been since 1993. Alright, Alright, Alright!

  8. I met Snoop Dogg in Paris, France and sat with and talked to his Uncle Junebug on the plane. 






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